Austin Miles Bio

Experiences Evolving a New Analytical Platform: What Works and What's Missing
Concurrent Session: 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Data is the Buzzword of the decade. It means so many things but the most important of which is being accurate. Health Centers have struggled with gathering accurate data in the past and have an opportunity with new Data Analytic Platforms to finally have a reliable source of accurate data whenever requested.  The process isn’t perfect of course and there are still many paths that need addressed.  Participants in this session will learn about the history of Data Analytic Platforms and how they came to be such a needed program in today’s Health Centers.  Participants will also learn where this programs have yet to go and what their next goals are going to be moving forward. 

Austin is a Sr. Data Analyst at CHCA, his main focus has been on leading the AHCCN committee and analyzing Health Center Data for performance improvement. Austin earned a Bachelor degree in Finance and a second in Economics from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Mr. Miles has been at CHCA for 2 years and has led two large project with i2i. A network level data analytics platform that looks at 16 defined HEDIS Measures as well as an individual site project that has given each Health Center access to i2i Tracks, a powerful tool that will help with data analytics for years to come.
Austin also leads an IT network which gathers IT staff from multiple Health Centers and creates an environment to exchange best practices and challenges they face in day to day IT support.