John Nordlund – EP Summit Speaker

John Nordlund
Tactical Communications Specialist, Arkansas Department of Emergency Management

John Nordlund was first introduced to the world of emergency communications on the 5th of June 1976 when the Teton Dam failed catastrophically destroying or heavily damaging the communities of Wilford, Sugar City, Salem, Hibbard and Rexburg Idaho. Since that time he has been continuously involved in emergency communications support and response professionally or as a volunteer.

Currently he is employed by the Arkansas Department of Health as the Tactical Communication Specialist for the Preparedness, Trauma, and EMS Branch of the Center for Health Protection, where he leverages more than 40 years of operational experience in his field to help program participants maintain functional communication capability during emergencies.



Presentation: Alternative Communication in an Emergency
August 11th | 12:00 - 1:00 pm | Ambassador VII

A discussion on how to continue operations when all normal communications have failed.