Corning Area Healthcare, Inc. Receives Three Quality Achievement Awards at Recent AFMC Quality Conference

Corning Area Healthcare receives three AFMC Quality Achievement AwardsFamily Medical Center in Corning, Community Healthcare Center in Walnut Ridge, and the Pocahontas Family Medical Center received Quality Achievement Awards during the recent Quality Conference hosted by the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care on May 20-21. All three were awarded for their use of the Patient Electronic Care System (PECS) which resulted in improved processes for clinic staff and providers and improved delivery of care for patients.

The Pocahontas Family Medical Center used PECS data to identify quality improvement needs. They used the information gained to raise awareness of clinic staff in the importance of timely and accurate completion of PECS data sheets, which resulted in improved delivery of care and patient outcomes.

The Community Healthcare Center in Walnut Ridge struggled with staffing shortages and noted that patients were not beign entered into their PECS registry system, which resulted in patients missing services. Through adding an additional staff member and providing training to clinic staff and providers, Community Healthcare Center achieved more timely and efficeint data entry, which facilitated improved delivery of care.

The Family Medical Center in Corning implemented processes to ensure that patients were being entered into the PECS registry system and that their information was kept up to date. They used the data to track and identify additional needs for improvement. Their efforts led to significant improvements in most clinical measures tracked.

Congratulations to Corning Area Healthcare, Inc. in this recognition of their continued commitment to excellence in clinical quality and delivery of patient care!